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This entry was published on 2017-10-27
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Electric vehicle charging tariff
Public Service (PBS) CHAPTER 48, ARTICLE 4
§ 66-o. Electric vehicle charging tariff. 1. Definitions. For purposes
of this section, the term "eligible vehicle" shall mean and include a
motor vehicle that:

(a) has four wheels;

(b) was manufactured for use primarily on public streets, roads and

(c) the powertrain of which has not been modified from the original
manufacturer's specifications;

(d) is rated at not more than eight thousand five hundred pounds gross
vehicle weight;

(e) has a maximum speed capability of at least fifty-five miles per
hour; and

(f) is propelled at least in part by an electric motor and associated
power electronics which provide acceleration torque to the drive wheels
sometime during normal vehicle operations, and that draws electricity
from a hydrogen fuel cell or from a battery that:

(i) has a capacity of not less than four kilowatt hours; and

(ii) is capable of being recharged from an external source of

2. No later than April first, two thousand eighteen each combination
gas and electric corporation shall file an application with the
commission to establish a residential tariff for eligible vehicles for
the purpose of recharging an eligible vehicle or vehicles.

3. The commission shall, after notice and opportunity for public
comment, approve, modify, or reject the tariff.

4. Within sixty days of commission approval of a combination gas and
electric corporation's tariff filed under this section, such combination
gas and electric corporation shall make the tariff available to

5. The combination gas and electric corporation may at any time
propose revisions to a tariff filed under this section based on changing
costs or conditions.

6. Each combination gas and electric corporation providing a tariff
under this section shall periodically report to the commission, as
established by the commission and on a form prescribed by the
commission, the following information:

(a) the number of customers who have arranged to have electricity
delivered under the tariff;

(b) the total amount of electricity delivered under the tariff; and

(c) other data required by the commission.