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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Organization and records; minutes as evidence; destruction of certain records
Public Service (PBS) CHAPTER 48, ARTICLE 1
§ 7. Organization and records; minutes as evidence; destruction of
certain records. 1. The commission shall have a secretary and assistant
secretaries to be appointed by the chairman. It shall be the duty of the
secretary to keep a full and true record of all proceedings and a
transcript of the public sessions of the commission. The record of the
proceedings of the commission shall be prima facie evidence of the
proceedings of the commission. The transcript of public sessions shall
be made available in the Albany and New York city offices that the
commission maintains. The chairman shall have charge of the organization
of its office, shall assign its employees to the several divisions or
bureaus and shall superintend the performance of their duties. The
secretary and assistant secretary, each commissioner and each hearing
officer or person designated to conduct an investigation may administer
oaths in all parts of the state, so far as the exercise of such power is
properly incidental to the performance of his duty or that of the

2. Such records and general correspondence as are no longer necessary
for the purposes of the commission may be destroyed upon the order of
the commission; but no such record, report or correspondence shall be
destroyed until it shall have been on file for at least five years.

3. Any opinion issued by the commission in a formal commission
proceeding shall include a record of the vote taken indicating the names
of the commissioners who voted in favor and the names of the
commissioners who voted against the opinion. Any statement of dissent
shall be attached to the majority's opinion.