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The Department of Public Service
Public Service (PBS) CHAPTER 48

Section 1. Short title.

2. Definitions.

3. Department of public service.

3-a. Transfer of lands.

3-b. Long Island office of the department.

3-c. Office of renewable energy siting and electric


4. The public service commission.

4-b. Removals.

5. Jurisdiction, powers and duties of public service


5-b. Corporations subject to chapter although not transacting


5-e. Jurisdiction of commission over certain corporations,

their operations and facilities.

7. Organization and records; minutes as evidence; destruction

of certain records.

8. Additional officers and employees.

9. Oath of office; eligibility of commissioners and officers.

10. Offices of commission; meeting; stationery, et cetera.

11. Quorum; powers of a commissioner.

12. Counsel to the commission; duties.

13. Expenses.

14. Payment of salaries and expenses.

15. Certain acts prohibited.

16. Reports of commission.

17. Certified copies of papers filed to be evidence.

18-a. Costs and expenses of the commission and department and

the assessment of such costs and expenses.

18-c. Refunds by the commission.

19. Attendance of witnesses and their fees.

20. Practice before the commission; immunity of witnesses.

21. Court proceedings; preferences.

22. Rehearing before commission.

23. Service and effect of orders; stay.

24. Action to recover penalties or forfeitures.

24-a. (Enacted without section heading).

24-b. Notice to be given Long Island power authority prior to

rate increase.

25. Penalties.

25-a. Combination gas and electric corporations; administrative

sanctions; recovery of penalties.

26. Enforcement proceedings.

27. Public availability of certain competitive requests for