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This entry was published on 2023-01-06
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SECTION 121-109-A
Electronic service of process
Partnership (PTR) CHAPTER 39, ARTICLE 8-A
§ 121-109-a. Electronic service of process. The secretary of state
shall advise any partnership subject to the laws of this article in
prominent written form as follows: (a) electronic service of process
authorized by the provisions of this chapter is an optional program at
no additional cost to the user; (b) any partnership subject to the laws
of this chapter will continue to receive service of process by mail
unless such partnership notifies the secretary of an affirmative choice
to receive service of process by way of the program through electronic
means, in which case digital copies will be made accessible but paper
documents will not be mailed; and (c) such choice may be reversed by the
partnership at any time and, thereafter, service by mail will resume.