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SECTION 121-1507
Partnership (PTR) CHAPTER 39, ARTICLE 8-B
§ 121-1507. Definitions. For purposes of this article:

(a) "Partnership interest" means: (i) a partner's share of the profits
and losses of a registered limited liability partnership; and (ii) the
partner's right to receive distributions of a registered limited
liability partnership.

(b) "Affidavit of publication" means the affidavit of the printer or
publisher of a newspaper in which a publication required to be filed
pursuant to sections 121-1500 and 121-1502 of this article has been
made. The affidavit of publication shall be in a form substantially as

"Affidavit of Publication Under Section (specify applicable section)
of the Partnership Law State of New York, County of ________, ss.:

The undersigned is the printer (or publisher) of ______________ (name
of newspaper), a _________ (daily or weekly) newspaper published in
________________, New York. A notice regarding _______________ (name of
limited liability partnership) was published in said newspaper once in
each week for six successive weeks, commencing on __________ and ending
on ________. The text of the notice as published in said newspaper is as
set forth below, or in the annexed exhibit. This newspaper has been
designated by the Clerk of ________ County for this purpose.


_______________(printed name),


The text of the notice set forth in or annexed to each affidavit of
publication shall: (i) include only the text of the published notice,
(ii) be free of extraneous marks, and (iii) if submitted in paper form,
be printed on paper of such size, weight and color, and in ink of such
color, and in such fonts, and be in such other qualities and form not
inconsistent with any other provision of law as, in the judgment of the
secretary of state, will not impair the ability of the department of
state to include a legible and permanent copy thereof in its official
records. Nothing in this subdivision shall be construed as requiring the
department of state to accept for filing a document submitted in
electronic form.

(c) "Certificate of publication" means a certificate presented on
behalf of the applicable limited liability partnership to the department
of state together with the affidavits of publication pursuant to section
121-1500 or 121-1502 of this article. The certificate of publication
shall be in a form substantially as follows:

"Certificate of Publication of ______ (name of limited partnership)
Under Section (specify applicable section) of the Partnership Law

The undersigned is the _________ (title) of ___________ (name of
limited liability partnership). The published notices described in the
annexed affidavits of publication contain all of the information
required by the above-mentioned section of the partnership law. The
newspapers described in such affidavits of publication satisfy the
requirements set forth in the partnership law and the designation made
by the county clerk. I certify the foregoing statements to be true under
penalties of perjury.



Printed Name"