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Additional supervision and regulation of housing companies
Private Housing Finance (PVH) CHAPTER 44-B, ARTICLE 4
§ 84-a. Additional supervision and regulation of housing companies.
The commissioner shall require that every company file with him, within
six months of the effective date of regulations implementing this
section and in such format as the commissioner shall prescribe an energy
audit report which identifies potential energy-saving building
improvements, including alterations, modifications and adjustments to
the building structure, heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation
systems; their relative costs; potential energy and cost savings; and
simple payback periods, which for the purpose of this section shall mean
that period of time within which the estimated cost of such
improvements, exclusive of the cost of capital, would be recovered from
the savings generated by reduced energy consumption resulting from the
improvements. The energy audit shall be conducted by a public utility,
an engineer or architect licensed by the state, or the managing agent or
other representative of the company. A copy of the energy audit report,
required herein, shall be given to any duly constituted tenant's
association or cooperator's advisory council and a copy shall be
available for inspection and copying by any individual tenant who
requests it. The commissioner shall also require that every company
certify by March thirty-first, nineteen hundred eighty-four that all
compatible conservation measures identified in the energy audit report
which have simple payback period of one year or less have been
implemented; provided, however, if the commissioner determines within
sixty days of the date the energy audit report is filed that one or more
of such identified conservation measures cannot be implemented by March
thirty-first, nineteen hundred eighty-four, given the projected rent
revenues and any other monies available to the company from reserve
funds, loans or grants from the state or federal government or any other
source, the implementation of such conservation measures shall be
provided for according to a schedule prescribed by the commissioner.