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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Limited Dividend Housing Companies
Private Housing Finance (PVH) CHAPTER 44-B

Section 70. General policy.

71. Definitions.

72. Housing companies; how created.

73. Consent of commissioner to creation of housing companies.

74. Application of other laws.

75. Designation of and service of process on secretary of

state and registered agent.

76. Limited return on capital and debentures.

77. Time of payment of subscription or capital contributions.

78. Consideration for capital and bonds.

79. Minimum amount of capital and debentures.

80. Income debentures.

81. Mortgages and mortgage bonds.

82. Limitations.

82-a. Redevelopment loans.

83. Execution of housing company projects.

84. Regulation of housing companies.

84-a. Additional supervision and regulation of housing


85. Control of rentals.

85-a. Selection of tenants and occupants.

85-b. Resale price of shares.

86. Reduction of rentals in housing company projects.

87. Increase of rentals in housing company projects.

88. Surplus.

89. Consolidated projects; operation of more than one project.

90. Purchase by housing companies.

91. Proceedings against housing companies.

92. Reorganization.

93. Tax exemptions.

94. Foreclosure.

95. Judgments against housing companies not relating to

mortgage indebtedness.

96. Voluntary dissolution.

97. Corporations in existence prior to enactment of article.