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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Correction and confirmation of conveyances to religious corporations
Religious Corporations (RCO) CHAPTER 51, ARTICLE 2
§ 11. Correction and confirmation of conveyances to religious
corporations. If, in a conveyance of real property, or in any
instrument intended to operate as such, heretofore or hereafter made to
a religious corporation, its corporate name is not stated or is not
correctly stated, but such conveyance or instrument indicates the
intention of the grantor therein to convey such property to such
corporation, and such corporation has entered into possession and
occupation of such property, any officer of the corporation authorized
so to do by its trustees may record in the office where such conveyance
or instrument is recorded a statement, signed and acknowledged by him or
proved, setting forth the date of such conveyance or instrument, the
date of record and the number and page of the book of record thereof,
the name of the grantor, a description of the property conveyed or
intended to be conveyed, the name of the grantee as expressed in such
conveyance or instrument, the correct name of such corporation, the fact
of authorization by the trustees of the corporation, to make and record
such statement, and that the grantor in such conveyance or instrument
intended thereby to convey such property to such corporation as the said
officer verily believes, with the reason for such belief. Such statement
so signed and acknowledged or proved shall be recorded with the records
of deeds in such office, and indexed as a deed from the grantee as named
in such instrument or in such conveyance to such corporation. The
register or clerk, as the case may be, shall note the recording of such
statement on the margin of the record of such conveyance, and for his
services shall be entitled to receive the fees allowed for recording
deeds. Such statement so recorded shall be presumptive evidence that
such matters therein stated are true, and that such corporation was the
grantee in the original instrument or conveyance. All conveyances
heretofore made, or by any instrument intended to be made, to a
religious corporation of real property appropriated to the use of such
corporation, or entitled to be so appropriated, are hereby confirmed and
declared valid and effectual, notwithstanding any defect in the form of
the conveyance or the description of the grantee therein.