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This entry was published on 2021-11-12
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General Provisions
Religious Corporations (RCO) CHAPTER 51

Section 3. Filing and recording certificates of incorporation of

religious corporations.

4. Property of unincorporated society transferred by its


4-a. Age qualifications of voters.

5. General powers and duties of trustees of religious


5-a. Investment of funds.

5-b.* Enacted without section heading.

6. Acquisition of property by religious corporations for

branch institutions; establishment, maintenance and

management thereof.

7. Acquisition of property by religious corporations for

cemetery purposes; management thereof.

7-a. Deeds for cemetery purposes; presumption.

8. Lot owners' rights.

8-a. Reacquisition of a lot, plot or part thereof by a


9. Removal of human remains from one cemetery of a religious

corporation to another cemetery owned by it.

10. Acquisition of property by two or more religious

corporations for a common parsonage.

11. Correction and confirmation of conveyances to religious


12. Sale, mortgage and lease of real property of religious


13. Consolidation or merger of incorporated churches.

14. Judicial investigation of amount of property of religious


15. Corporations with governing authority over, or advisory

relations with, churches or synods, or both.

15-a. Consolidation of incorporated presbyteries.

15-b. Consolidation or merger of incorporated Presbyterian and

Lutheran synods.

16. Property of extinct churches.

17. Property of extinct Free Baptist churches.

17-a. Property of extinct Seventh Day Baptist churches and

Seventh Day Baptist religious societies.

17-b. Property of extinct Presbyterian churches in connection

with the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church


17-c. Property of Lutheran congregations.

18. Dissolution of religious corporations.

19. Corporations for organizing and maintaining mission

churches and Sunday schools.

20. Corporations for acquiring parsonages for district

superintendents and camp-meeting grounds.

21. Corporations for acquiring camp-meeting grounds for the

Reformed Methodist denomination.

21-a. Corporations for acquiring lands for parsonage or

camp-meeting purposes for the Free Methodist


22. Establishing and maintaining a home for aged poor.

23. Powers of churches created by special laws.

24. Government of churches incorporated prior to January

first, eighteen hundred and twenty-eight.

25. Pastoral relation.

26. Worship.

27. Reservation as to Baptist churches, churches of the United

Church of Christ and Congregational Christian churches.

* 28. Meetings for the duration of the state disaster emergency

declared by executive order two hundred two that began

on March seventh, two thousand twenty; electronic


* 28. Electronic meetings.

* NB § 28 Heading separately amended; cannot be put together