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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Corporations for acquiring lands for parsonage or camp-meeting purposes for the Free Methodist denomination
Religious Corporations (RCO) CHAPTER 51, ARTICLE 2
§ 21-a. Corporations for acquiring lands for parsonage or camp-meeting
purposes for the Free Methodist denomination. The district elder and a
majority of the stewards residing in the district elder's district,
elected by an annual conference of the Free Methodist Church
denomination, may become incorporated, for the purpose of acquiring,
maintaining and improving real property, to be used for the purpose of a
district elder's parsonage or for camp-meeting purposes, or for both
such purposes, by acknowledging and filing a certificate, stating the
name and object of the corporation, the name of such annual conference,
and of such district elder's district, the names, residences and
official relations to such district of the signers thereof, the number
of trustees of said incorporation, which shall be three, or some
multiple of three, not to exceed twelve, the names of such trustees,
designating one-third to hold office for three years, one-third to hold
office for two years and one-third to hold office for one year.

On filing such certificate, the district elder and all the stewards of
such district, by virtue of their respective offices, shall be a
corporation by the name, and for the purposes therein stated, and the
persons therein named as trustees shall be the first trustees thereof.

A person holding property in trust for the purpose of a parsonage for
the district elder of the district, or for camp meeting purposes, and
his successors in office, for the Free Methodist church denomination,
may convey the same to a corporation organized for this purpose of
acquiring property within the district in which such property is

Meetings held under the direction of such corporation, upon camp
grounds owned by such corporation, shall be deemed to be religious
meetings, within the provisions of the law relating to the disturbance
of religious meetings.

When such corporation or camp ground association owns land bordering
on any navigable waters to be used for camp meeting purposes only, such
corporation or association may regulate or prohibit the landing of
persons or vessels at the wharves, piers or shores upon such ground
during the holding of religious services thereon.