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Incorporation of the Religious Society of Friends
Religious Corporations (RCO) CHAPTER 51, ARTICLE 10
§ 201-a Incorporation of the Religious Society of Friends. An
unincorporated meeting of the Religious Society of Friends in this state
may be incorporated by executing, acknowledging and filing a certificate
of incorporation, stating the corporate name by which such meeting shall
be known, and the county, town, city or village where its principal
place of worship or principal office is or is intended to be located.
Such certificate of incorporation shall be executed and acknowledged by
the clerk of such meeting, and shall have attached thereto a statement,
duly executed and acknowledged by the secretary, assistant clerk or such
person as shall have the duty of recording the transactions of business
sessions of meetings of such meeting, certifying that at a business
session or meeting of such meeting, duly held and upon not less than
thirty days notice, to the members thereof, as hereinafter provided, by
a minute of the proceedings thereat, duly approved according to the
usage and custom of such meeting, the clerk of such meeting was
authorized and directed to execute and file such certificate of
incorporation. Such notice shall be in writing, shall be given by mail
addressed to the last known address of each member of such meeting
according to the records thereof, and shall state in substance that a
meeting of such unincorporated meeting will be held at its usual place
of convening at a specified date and hour for the purpose of
incorporating such meeting. On the filing of such certificate in
accordance with the provisions of this chapter, such meeting shall be a
corporation by the name stated in the certificate.