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Other Denominations
Religious Corporations (RCO) CHAPTER 51

Section 190. Application of this article.

191. Notice of meeting for incorporation.

192. The meeting for incorporation.

193. The certificate of incorporation.

194. Time, place and notice of corporate meetings.

195. Organization and conduct of corporate meetings;

qualification of voters thereat.

196. Changing date of annual corporate meetings.

197. Changing number of trustees.

198. Meetings of trustees.

199. Vacancies among trustees.

200. Control of trustees by corporate meetings; salaries of


201-a. Incorporation of the Religious Society of Friends.

202. Trusts for Shakers and Friends.

203. Conveyance or incumbrance of trust property of Friends.

204-b. Change of name of churches and affiliated and subsidiary

organizations of the church of the United Brethren in

Christ and the Evangelical Church.

205. Presiding officer.

206. Termination and dissolution of churches of the General

Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ),

Inc. whose churches are individually known as

"Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)" or "Church of

Christ (Disciples of Christ)" and affiliated religious

societies and the disposition of the real and personal

property of such churches and/or affiliated religious


207. The number of trustees of Jewish congregations and voting

by proxy at certain meetings thereof.

208. Consolidation.

209. Effect of consolidation.

210. Incorporation of church connected with supreme council of

Independent Associated Spiritualists.

211. Incorporation of church in connection with Spiritual

Science Mother Church, Inc.