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The certificate of incorporation
Religious Corporations (RCO) CHAPTER 51, ARTICLE 10
§ 193. The certificate of incorporation. The presiding officer of
such meeting and at least two other persons present and voting thereat,
shall execute and acknowledge a certificate of incorporation, setting
forth the matters so determined at such meeting, the trustees elected
thereat and the terms of office for which they were respectively elected
and the county, town, city or village in which its principal place of
worship is or is intended to be located. On filing such certificate the
members of such church and the persons qualified to vote at such meeting
and who shall thereafter, from time to time, be qualified voters, at the
corporate meetings thereof, shall be a corporation by the name stated in
such certificate, and the persons therein stated to be elected trustees
of such church shall be the trustees thereof, for the terms for which
they were respectively so elected.