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Certificate of incorporation
Religious Corporations (RCO) CHAPTER 51, ARTICLE 11-A
§ 225-c. Certificate of incorporation. 1. The presiding officer of
such a meeting and at least two other persons present and voting thereat
shall be appointed by such meeting to execute and acknowledge, before
any person authorized to take acknowledgment of deeds, a certificate of
incorporation whereby they shall agree to be governed by the discipline,
rules and usages of the Free Methodist Church of North America. To such
certificate of incorporation there shall be attached a certificate
signed by the district superintendent of the district in which said
church is to be located, stating that the said church is incorporated by
and with the consent of said district superintendent.

2. This certificate of incorporation shall contain the following
items: The name of said church; the township, village or city, and the
county in which said church shall be located; and agreement to worship
and labor together according to the discipline, rules and usages of the
Free Methodist Church of North America; the statement that there were
six or more qualified voters present at the meeting where they were
elected and this act of incorporation was authorized; the names and
respective periods of office of the trustees elected; the place and date
of said meeting for incorporation; and the signatures and residences of
those authorized to execute and acknowledge this certificate of

3. This certificate of incorporation shall be executed in duplicate.
One of such duplicate copies shall be retained by such corporation and
one copy shall be recorded in the office of the county clerk of the
county where such corporation is formed. On filing such certificate the
members either in full connection or on probation of such church
qualified to vote at such meeting and who shall thereafter, from time to
time, be qualified voters at the corporate meetings thereof shall be a
corporation by the name stated in such certificate, and the persons
therein stated to be elected trustees of such church shall be the
trustees thereof, for the terms for which they were respectively
elected, and until their successors are elected.