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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Time, place and notice of corporate meetings
Religious Corporations (RCO) CHAPTER 51, ARTICLE 18
§ 343. Time, place and notice of corporate meetings. 1. The annual
corporate meeting of every church incorporated under this article shall
be held at the time and place fixed by its by-laws, or if no time and
place be so fixed, then at a time and place to be first fixed by its
trustees, but to be changed only by a by-law adopted at an annual

2. A special corporate meeting of any such church may be called by the
board of trustees thereof, on its own motion, and shall be called on the
written request of at least ten qualified voters of such church.

3. The trustees shall cause notice of the time and place of such
annual corporate meeting, therein specifying the names of any trustees,
whose successors are to be elected thereat and the business to be
transacted thereat, and, if a special meeting, specifying business to be
transacted thereat, to be publicly read at two successive regular
meetings for public worship or at special meetings of such church on the
two Sundays immediately preceding the annual or special corporate
meeting, by the rector of such church or if there be none or he be
necessarily absent, by the officiating minister thereof, if there be
one, or if not, or if any such minister refuse to give such notice, by
any officer of such church. If no public worship be held during said
period, or if it be the notice of special corporate meeting, a copy of
such notice shall be posted conspicuously on the outside of the main
entrance to the usual or principal place of worship at least fifteen
days before such meeting and a copy of such notice shall be sent by mail
postpaid at least ten days prior to the date set for such meeting to
each member of such church in good and regular standing by admission
into full communion and membership therewith, in accordance with the
rules and regulations thereof, and of the governing ecclesiastical body
of the Byelorussian Autocephalic Orthodox Church, and who has been
stated attendant at divine worship in such church and has regularly
contributed to the financial support thereof during the year next
preceding such meeting, at his last known address as same appears in the
records of the church.