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Organization and conduct of corporate meetings; qualifications of voters
Religious Corporations (RCO) CHAPTER 51, ARTICLE 18
§ 344. Organization and conduct of corporate meetings; qualifications
of voters. 1. At a corporate meeting of an incorporated church to which
this article is applicable, the following persons, and no others, shall
be qualified voters, to wit: All persons who are then members in good
and regular standing of such church by admission into full communion or
membership therewith in accordance with the rules and regulations
thereof, and of the governing ecclesiastical body of the Byelorussian
Autocephalic Orthodox Church, and who have been stated attendants on
divine worship in such church and have regularly contributed to the
financial support thereof during the year next preceding such meeting.

2. The annual corporate meeting shall be governed with respect to its
organization and election of laymen trustees and the clerk of the
corporation by the same provisions as set forth in this article for the
incorporation of said church, except if there be no rector or he be
necessarily absent or if he refuses to call such meeting to order, the
chairman of the board of trustees shall do so.

3. The same provisions shall apply to a special corporate meeting.

4. At the annual corporate meeting the trustees shall cause to be
prepared and read thereat a budget giving the approximate amount of
money needed for the maintenance of worship, the administration of the
temporal affairs of the church and for the care of the property, and
such other regular and special items as shall be brought to the
attention of the meeting, which budget shall be discussed and decided
upon, ratified or amended by the said meeting by majority vote, with
ample provision made to raise such funds by whatever usages the church
shall elect.

5. In the event that a quorum shall not be present at any annual
corporate meeting and no election of the trustees and officers shall be
accordingly had thereat, the board of trustees shall call a special
meeting (which may be referred to as an adjourned annual corporate
meeting) at a time and place to be fixed by it. Notice of such meeting
shall be given in the same manner as provided for any special meeting.
If such special meeting be not called by the board of trustees within
two weeks following the date for such annual meeting, the rector is
authorized to and shall call such special meeting and notice thereof
shall be given in like manner. The election of officers and any other
business required or scheduled to have been had or conducted at the
annual corporate meeting may be had and conducted at such special
meeting. In the event that a quorum shall not be present at such special
meeting and no election of officers shall be accordingly had thereat,
the rector, vicar or minister in charge of the church or congregation,
with the approval of the bishop, not more than sixty days thereafter, is
authorized to and shall appoint the laymen trustees, and other lay
officers to the offices not filled by election at such annual corporate
meeting or such special meeting, and they shall hold office as such
until the next succeeding annual meeting. If such rector, vicar or
minister shall fail to make such appointments, the bishop is authorized
to and shall make such appointments, with like force and effect.