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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Habeas corpus
Real Property Actions & Proceedings (RPA) CHAPTER 81, ARTICLE 11
§ 1106. Habeas corpus. If it appears, by affidavit, to the
satisfaction of the court, that the person required to be produced is
imprisoned within the state, for any cause, except upon a sentence for a
felony, or is kept or detained, within the state, by any person, the
court may, either before or after making the order for production, issue
a writ of habeas corpus to bring him before it, or before the referee,
as the case requires. The writ must be served and executed, and
disobedience thereto may be punished, as where a writ of habeas corpus
is issued, to inquire into the cause of the detention of a prisoner.