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Real Property Actions & Proceedings
AN ACT to reconsolidate laws relating to actions, rights of action and

proceedings concerning real property, constituting

chapter eighty-one of the consolidated laws
Became a law March 13, 1962, with the approval of the Governor. Passed

by a majority vote, three-fifths being present

The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and
Assembly, do enact as follows:

Article 1. Short title; definitions; jurisdiction of certain

actions; construction of act. (§§ 101-131.)

2. General provisions governing real property actions.

(§§ 201-241.)

3. Provisions relating to evidence. (§§ 301-351.)

4. Valuing interests in real property. (§§ 401-406.)

5. Adverse possession. (§§ 501-551.)

6. Action to recover real property. (§§ 601-661.)

7. Summary proceeding to recover possession of real

property. (§§ 701-767.)

7-A. Special proceedings by tenants of dwellings in the city

of New York and the counties of Nassau, Suffolk,

Rockland and Westchester for judgment directing

deposit of rents and the use thereof for the purpose

of remedying conditions dangerous to life, health or


(§§ 769-783.)

7-B. Special proceeding for the removal of abandoned

manufactured homes (§§ 790-795.)

7-C. Special proceedings by tenants of dwellings for

judgment directing deposit of rents and the use

thereof for the purpose of remedying conditions

dangerous to life, health or safety. (§§ 796--796-m.)

7-C*. Special proceedings by tenants for judgment directing

repairs of conditions and other relief in residential

real property constituting violation of applicable

local or state housing standards or real propery law

§ 235-b and any other appropriate relief. (§§


8. Waste and other actions and rights of action for injury

to real property. (§§ 801-881.)

9. Action for partition. (§§ 901-993.)

10. Action for dower. (§§ 1001-1093.)

11. Proceeding to discover the death of a tenant for life.

(§§ 1101-1143.)

12. Other actions and proceedings between co-owners or

owners of successive interests. (§§ 1201-1221.)

13. Action to foreclose a mortgage. (§§ 1301-1393.)

15. Action to compel the determination of a claim to real

property. (§§ 1501-1551.)

16. Judicial authorization of sale, lease, mortgage,

acquisition, exchange or voluntary partition. (§§


17. Special proceeding for disposition of real property of

infant, incompetent or conservatee. (§§ 1701-1766.)

18. Special proceeding for release of claim against state

of infant or incompetent for appropriation of real

property. (§§ 1801-1808.)

19. Discharge or extinguishment of encumbrances, claims and

interests. (§§ 1901-1955.)

19-A. Special proceeding to convey title to abandoned

dwelling to city, town or village. (§§ 1970-1974.)

19-B. Special proceeding to convey title to abandoned

commercial and industrial real property to city,

town, or village. (§§ 1980-1984.)

20. Enforcement of covenants and easements; recovery of

damages for breach of covenant or injury to easement.

(§ 2001.)

21. Effective date; laws repealed. (§§ 2101-2111.)