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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Action For Dower
Real Property Actions & Proceedings (RPA) CHAPTER 81

Section 1001. Limitation of action for dower.

1002. Action barred by assignment of dower.

1011. Necessary defendants.

1012. Who may be joined as defendants.

1013. Actions where defendants claim in severalty.

1021. Damages may be recovered; how estimated.

1022. Damages in action against alienee of husband.

1023. Damages where several parcels are affected.

1024. Damages apportioned between heir and alienee.

1025. Damages against grantee of premises subject to dower.

1031. Complaint.

1041. Interlocutory judgment for admeasurement.

1043. Dower, how admeasured.

1044. Report thereupon.

1045. Setting aside report.

1051. Fees and expenses.

1052. Fees of surveyor or commissioner in action for dower.

1061. Final judgment.

1062. Plaintiff may recover sum awarded; court may modify


1063. Junior incumbrances; not affected by admeasurement.

1064. Appeal not to stay execution if undertaking is given.

1071. Plaintiff may consent to receive a gross sum.

1072. Defendant may consent to pay it; proceedings thereupon.

1073. Interlocutory judgment for sale.

1074. Direction that a part be laid off.

1075. Liens to be ascertained.

1076. Satisfaction or protection of lien.

1077. Payment of taxes, assessments and water rates out of


1078. Report of sale.

1079. Final judgment upon confirming sale.

1081. Certain provisions made applicable.

1091. Action to recover property by revisioner or remainderman,

after determination of particular estate.

1093. Collusive recovery not to prejudice infant.