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Summary Proceeding to Recover Possession of Real Property
Real Property Actions & Proceedings (RPA) CHAPTER 81

Section 701. Jurisdiction; courts; venue.

702. Rent in a residential dwelling.

711. Grounds where landlord-tenant relationship exists.

713. Grounds where no landlord-tenant relationship exists.

713-a. Special proceeding for termination of adult home and

residence for adults admission agreements.

715. Grounds and procedure where use or occupancy is illegal.

715-a. Grounds and procedure for removal of commercial tenants

for unlicensed cannabis retail sale.

721. Person who may maintain proceeding.

731. Commencement; notice of petition.

732. Special provisions applicable in non-payment proceeding

if the rules so provide.

733. Time of service; order to show cause.

734. Notice of petition; service on the Westchester county

department of social servics.

735. Manner of service; filing; when service complete.

741. Contents of petition.

743. Answer.

744. Eviction based on domestic violence victim status


745. Trial.

746. Stipulations.

747. Judgment.

749. Warrant.

749-a. New York city marshals.

751. Stay upon paying rent or giving undertaking;

discretionary stay outside city of New York.

753. Stay in premises occupied for dwelling purposes.

755. Stay of proceeding or action for rent upon failure to

make repairs.

756. Stay of summary proceedings or actions for rent under

certain conditions.

756-a. Stay of action or proceeding when a party's claim to

title is in dispute.

757. Eviction as the result of foreclosure.

761. Redemption by lessee.

763. Redemption by creditor of lessee.

765. Effect of redemption upon lease.

767. Order of redemption; liability of persons redeeming.

768. Unlawful eviction.