1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Real Property Actions & Proceedings
  4. Article 7: Summary Proceeding to Recover Possession of Real Property

Section 741 Contents of petition

Real Property Actions & Proceedings (RPA)

The petition shall be verified by the person authorized by section seven hundred twenty-one to maintain the proceeding; or by a legal representative, attorney or agent of such person pursuant to subdivision (d) of section thirty hundred twenty of the civil practice law and rules. An attorney of such person may verify the petition on information and belief notwithstanding the fact that such person is in the county where the attorney has his office. Every petition shall:

  1. State the interest of the petitioner in the premises from which removal is sought.

  2. State the respondent's interest in the premises and his relationship to petitioner with regard thereto.

  3. Describe the premises from which removal is sought.

  4. State the facts upon which the special proceeding is based.

  5. State the relief sought. The relief may include a judgment for rent due, and for a period of occupancy during which no rent is due, for the fair value of use and occupancy of the premises if the notice of petition contains a notice that a demand for such a judgment has been made.