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Person who may maintain proceeding
Real Property Actions & Proceedings (RPA) CHAPTER 81, ARTICLE 7
§ 721. Person who may maintain proceeding. The proceeding may be
brought by:

1. The landlord or lessor.

2. The reversioner or remainderman next entitled to possession of the
property upon the termination of the estate of a life tenant, where a
tenant of such life tenant holds over.

3. The purchaser upon the execution or foreclosure sale, or the
purchaser on a tax sale to whom a deed has been executed and delivered
or any subsequent grantee, distributee or devisee claiming title through
such purchaser.

4. The person forcibly put out or kept out.

5. The person with whom, as owner, the agreement was made, or the
owner of the property occupied under an agreement to cultivate the
property upon shares or for a share of the crops.

6. The person lawfully entitled to the possession of property intruded
into or squatted upon.

7. The person entitled to possession of the property occupied by a
licensee who may be dispossessed.

8. The person, corporation or law enforcement agency authorized by
this article to proceed to remove persons using or occupying premises
for illegal purposes.

9. The receiver of a landlord, purchaser or other person so entitled
to apply, when authorized by the court.

10. The lessee of the premises, entitled to possession.

11. Not-for-profit corporations, and tenant associations authorized in
writing by the commissioner of the department of the city of New York
charged with enforcement of the housing maintenance code of such city to
manage residential real property owned by such city.