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This entry was published on 2022-11-25
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Action to Foreclose a Mortgage
Real Property Actions & Proceedings (RPA) CHAPTER 81

Section 1301. Separate action for mortgage debt.

1302. Foreclosure of certain residential mortgages.

1302-a. Defense of lack of standing; not waived.

1303. Foreclosures; required notices.

1304. Required prior notices.

1305. Notice to tenants.

1306. Filing with superintendent.

1307. Duty to maintain foreclosed property.

1308. Inspecting, securing and maintaining vacant and

abandoned residential real property.

1309. Expedited application for judgment of foreclosure and

sale for vacant and abandoned property.

1310. Vacant and abandoned property; statewide vacant and

abandoned property electronic registry.

1311. Necessary defendants.

1312. Representative defendants.

1313. Permissible defendants.

1315. Action by owner of junior participating interest.

1320. Special summons requirement in private residence cases.

1321. Default or admission.

1325. Receiver.

1331. Notice of pendency.

1341. Payment into court of amount due.

1351. Judgment of sale.

1352. Judgment foreclosing right of redemption.

1353. Conveyance.

1354. Distribution of proceeds of sale.

1355. Report of sale; confirmation.

1361. Application for surplus; reference.

1362. Payment of surplus out of court.

1371. Deficiency judgment.

1391. Proceeding for share of unknown heirs.

1392. Foreclosure actions involving abandoned properties.

1393. Mortgages in default.