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Petition in special proceeding to quiet title
Real Property Actions & Proceedings (RPA) CHAPTER 81, ARTICLE 19
§ 1942. Petition in special proceeding to quiet title. 1. A person or
persons, desiring to institute a proceeding under section nineteen
hundred forty-one, must present a petition to the supreme court at a
special term to be held in the judicial district in which the real
property is situated, setting forth the facts proving to the
satisfaction of the court, that the case is one of those specified in
that section, and must describe the property with common certainty, and
state what, if any, liens or incumbrances exist thereon, and the names
of the persons, if any, besides the petitioners, who have been in the
actual possession of the property during the past ten years claiming
title as owners thereof in fee, and how such title was derived, and
shall also annex to said petition a duly certified copy of the sheriff's
or referee's deed recorded ten years since under which petitioners claim

2. In case the property described in said sheriff's or referee's deed
shall have been subdivided, the owner or owners of the several parcels
thereof may unite in the same petition and proceeding.