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Notice of pendency to be filed and recorded
Real Property Actions & Proceedings (RPA) CHAPTER 81, ARTICLE 19
§ 1946. Notice of pendency to be filed and recorded. No final order
pursuant to section 1944 or section 1945 shall be made until the
petitioners named in said proceedings, or their attorney, shall file in
the clerk's office of the county in which such real property is situated
a notice of the pendency of the said special proceeding, containing the
names of all the persons claiming to be then owners of the property in
fee, pursuant to said sheriff's or referee's deed, the object of the
proceeding, together with a brief description of said property. Each
county clerk with whom such notice is filed must immediately record it
in the book kept in his office for recording of notices of pendency of
an action, and index it to the name of each person claiming to be owner
as aforesaid, and said clerk shall be entitled to receive for his
services the same fees therefor as are now allowed by law for filing,
recording and indexing a notice of pendency of action.