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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Compelling delivery of possession of real property
Real Property Actions & Proceedings (RPA) CHAPTER 81, ARTICLE 2
§ 221. Compelling delivery of possession of real property. Where a
judgment affecting the title to, or the possession, enjoyment or use of,
real property allots to any person a distinct parcel of real property,
or contains a direction for the sale of real property, or confirms such
an allotment or sale, it also may direct the delivery of the possession
of the property to the person entitled thereto, subject to the rights
and obligations set forth in section thirteen hundred five of this

If a party, or his representative or successor, who is bound by the
judgment, withholds possession from the person thus declared to be
entitled thereto, the court, by order, in its discretion, besides
punishing the disobedience as a contempt, may require the sheriff to put
that person into possession. Such an order shall be executed as if it
were an execution for the delivery of the possession of the property.