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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Recording conveyances of land in towns in Cattaraugus county; duties of county and town clerks
Real Property (RPP) CHAPTER 50, ARTICLE 9
§ 291-b. Recording conveyances of land in towns in Cattaraugus county;
duties of county and town clerks. Every deed and will relating to real
property in Cattaraugus county, outside the cities of Olean and
Salamanca, and every judicial decree establishing the right of
inheritance to real property within Cattaraugus county shall, before the
same be hereafter recorded in the office of the clerk of Cattaraugus
county be presented to the clerk of said county together with a carbon
copy or copies of the substance thereof, equal to the number of
townships of the said county in which land is conveyed by the
instrument. Such copy or copies shall set forth the date, consideration,
the names of the grantors and grantees, the mail address of the grantee
and a description of the property conveyed as set out in the instrument
of conveyance. Such copy or copies of an instrument of conveyance of
land within the county of Cattaraugus, outside the cities of Olean and
Salamanca, shall be retained by the clerk of the said county until the
first day of the month succeeding the date on which it was received, and
he thereafter shall transmit immediately all such copies received by him
during the preceding month to the clerks of the towns in which such
conveyances have occurred. Hereafter the clerk of Cattaraugus county or
any subordinate in the office of such clerk of Cattaraugus county who
shall record any instrument of conveyance of real property without
receiving and transmitting to the town clerk of the town concerned, a
copy thereof as provided herein shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. At the
time a conveyance is offered for a record a fee of twenty-five cents
shall be paid to the county clerk in addition to any other moneys
required to be paid to entitle the deed to be recorded.

The town clerks in each of the towns of Cattaraugus county outside the
cities of Olean and Salamanca, shall enter the copies of conveyances and
all appurtenant data so received from the Clerk of Cattaraugus county in
a record book to be provided and kept for such purpose. Such book and
the records contained therein shall be open to public inspection and
shall be used by the local assessors in making assessments.