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Recording Instruments Affecting Real Property
Real Property (RPP) CHAPTER 50

Section 290. Definitions; effect of article.

291. Recording of conveyances.

291-a. Recording conveyances of land in towns in Chautauqua

county; duties of county and town clerks.

291-b. Recording conveyances of land in towns in Cattaraugus

county; duties of county and town clerks.

291-c. Recording memoranda of leases.

291-cc. 1. Recording modifications of leases.

291-d. Recording of master forms of mortgage covenants and

clauses; incorporation thereof by reference.

291-e. Exceptions, reservations and recitals referring to

unrecorded conveyances and contracts for sale of real


291-f. Rights where recorded mortgage restricts landlord's

action in respect to leases.

291-g. Recording insurance information.

291-h. Recording of liens by the state.

291-i. Validity of electronic recording.

291-j. Recording of declarations by the New York state energy

research and development authority.

292. By whom conveyance must be acknowledged or proved.

292-a. Conveyances by certain corporations executed and

acknowledged by attorneys in fact entitled to


293. Recording of conveyances heretofore acknowledged or


294. Recording executory contracts and powers of attorney.

294-a. Recording assignments of rent.

294-b. Recording brokers affidavit of entitlement to commission

for completed brokerage services.

295. Recording of letters patent.

296. Recording copies of instruments which are in secretary

of state's office.

297. Certified copies may be recorded.

297-a. Recording of certified copies of bankruptcy papers;

constructive notice.

297-b. Recording of certified copies of judgments affecting

real property.

298. Acknowledgments and proofs within the state.

299. Acknowledgments and proofs without the state, but within

the United States or any territory, possession, or

dependency thereof.

299-a. Acknowledgment to conform to law of New York or of place

where taken; certificate of conformity.

300. Acknowledgments and proofs by persons in or with the

armed forces of the United States.

301. Acknowledgments and proofs in foreign countries.

301-a. Acknowledgment to conform to law of New York or of

foreign country; certificate of conformity.

302. Acknowledgments and proofs by married women.

303. Requisites of acknowledgments.

304. Proof by subscribing witness.

305. Compelling witnesses to testify.

306. Certificate of acknowledgment or proof.

307. When certificate to state time and place.

308. When certificate must be under seal.

309. Acknowledgment by corporation and form of certificate.

309-a. Uniform forms of certificates of acknowledgment or proof

within this state.

309-b. Uniform forms of certificates of acknowledgement or

proof without this state.

310. Authentication of acknowledgments and proofs made within

the state.

311. Authentication of acknowledgments and proofs made

without the state.

312. Contents of certificate of authentication.

313. Notary public.

313-a. Deputies.

314. Recording of conveyances acknowledged or proved without

the state, when parties and certifying officer are


314-a. Proof when witnesses are dead.

315. Recording books.

316. Indexes.

316-a. Indexing and reindexing conveyances, mortgages and other


316-b. Inactive hazardous waste disposal site registry index.

317. Order of recording.

318. Certificate to be recorded.

319. Time of recording.

320. Certain deeds deemed mortgages.

321. Recording discharge of mortgage.

321-a. Recording discharge of rent assignment.

324. Effect of recording assignment of mortgage.

325. Recording of conveyances made by treasurer of


326. Revocation to be recorded.

327. Penalty for using long forms of covenants.

328. Certain acts not affected.

329. Actions to have certain instruments canceled of record.

329-a. Lapse of oil and gas interest within Allegany state


330. Officers guilty of malfeasance liable for damages.

331. Laws and decrees of foreign countries appointing agents

and attorneys and recording of the same.

332. The record of certain conveyances validated.

332-a. Validation of the record, execution and proof or

acknowledgment of certain other instruments.

332-b. The record of certain other conveyances validated.

333. When conveyances of real property not to be recorded.

333-a. Same; maps to be filed.

333-b. Recording of maps or plot plans.

333-c. Lands in agricultural districts; disclosure.

334. Maps to be filed; penalty for nonfiling.

334-a. Filing of subdivision maps in Nassau county; penalty for


335. Filing of maps and abandonment of subdivisions in

Suffolk county; penalty for nonfiling.

335-a. Easements of necessity.

335-b. Recording of solar energy easements.

336. Effect of recording demands or requirements of

noncitizen property custodian.