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Conveyances and Mortgages
Real Property (RPP) CHAPTER 50

Section 240. Definitions and use of terms.

240-b. Certain conveyances authorized; effect thereof.

240-c. Joint tenancy severance.

241. Ancient conveyances abolished.

242. Disclosure prior to the sale of real property.

243. Grant of fee or freehold.

244. When grant takes effect.

245. Estate which passes by grant or devise.

246. Certain deeds declared grants.

247. Conveyance by tenant for life or years of greater estate

than possessed.

248. Effect of conveyance where property is leased.

249. Convenants in mortgages.

251. Convenants not implied.

252. Lineal and collateral warranties abolished.

253. Construction of convenants in grants of freehold


254. Construction of clauses and convenants in mortgages and

bonds or notes.

254-a. Right of election of mortgagee in certain cases.

254-b. Limitation on late charges.

254-c. Right to a copy of real property appraisals and consumer

reports in certain cases.

254-d Fees by mortgagee for direct payment of real property

taxes by mortgagor prohibited.

255. Construction of grant of appurtenances and of all the

rights and estate of grantor.

256. Construction of grant in executor's or trustee's deed of

appurtenances, and of the estate of testator and


257. Convenants bind representatives of grantor and mortgagor

and inure to the benefit of whom.

258. Short forms of deeds and mortgages.

259-c. Provision in lease of real property for waiver of trial

by jury in actions for personal injury or property


260. Lands adversely held may be conveyed or mortgaged.

261. Maintenance of telegraph or other electric wires raises

no presumption of grant.

265. Fraudulent intent, question of fact.

265-a. Home equity theft prevention.

265-b. Distressed property consulting contracts.

266. Rights of purchaser or incumbrancer for valuable

consideration protected.

267. Conveyances with power to revoke, determine or alter.

268. Disaffirmance of fraudulent act by executor and others.

269. When remainderman may pay interest owed by life tenant.

270. Powers of courts of equity not abridged.

271. Construction of convenants in mortgages on leases of real

property and bonds or notes.

272. Construction of grant of appurtenances, and all of the

rights and estate of the mortgagor.

273. What form of mortgage on lease of real property.

274. Transfers and mortgages of interest in decedents'


274-a. Certificate of principal amount unpaid on mortgages of

real property.

275. Certificate of discharge of mortgage required.

276. Effect of certain easements on the right to invest in


277. Modification and extension of mortgage investment.

277-a. Powers of fiduciaries and others holding guaranteed

mortgages or mortgage investments.

278. Exchange of mortgage investment.

278-a. Sale or exchange of certain real property or mortgage

investments therein authorized.

279. Graduated payment mortgage.

280. Reverse mortgage loans for persons sixty years of age or


280-a. Reverse mortgage loans for persons seventy years of age

or older.

280-b. Federal home equity conversion mortgage regulation.

280-d. Federal home equity conversion mortgage default and

foreclosure regulation.

281. Credit line mortgage.

282. Mortgagor's right to recover attorneys' fees in actions

or proceedings arising out of foreclosures of

residential property.