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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Recording discharge of rent assignment
Real Property (RPP) CHAPTER 50, ARTICLE 9
§ 321-a. Recording discharge of rent assignment. An assignment of rent
to accrue from real property, heretofore recorded, or hereafter recorded
pursuant to section two hundred ninety-four-a of this chapter, must be
discharged upon the record thereof, by the recording officer, upon
presentation to him of a certificate signed by the assignee, or by his
personal representative or his assignee, and acknowledged or proved and
certified in like manner to entitle a conveyance to be recorded,
specifying that the obligation secured by the assignment of rent has
been satisfied or discharged, or that the assignment of rent is
canceled. When so signed and acknowledged or proved and certified, such
certificate may be recorded, and such certificate, the record thereof,
and a certified copy of such record may be introduced in evidence in all
courts of this state. The certificate of discharge, and the certificates
of its acknowledgment or proof, must be recorded and filed; and a
reference must be made to the book and page containing such record in
the minute of the discharge of such assignment of rent, made by the
officer upon the record thereof. After such discharge has been recorded
the recording officer shall make and deliver to the person in whose
interest such discharge of assignment of rent is executed and recorded,
his certificate setting forth the names of the assignor and assignee,
the liber and page at which, the time when such assignment of rent was
recorded, and the date on which said assignment of rent was satisfied
and discharged.