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This entry was published on 2022-08-19
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Acknowledgments and proofs within the state
Real Property (RPP) CHAPTER 50, ARTICLE 9
§ 298. Acknowledgments and proofs within the state. The acknowledgment
or proof, within this state, of a conveyance of real property situate in
this state may be made: 1. At any place within the state, before (a) a
justice of the supreme court; (b) an official examiner of title; (c) an
official referee; or (d) a notary public.

2. Within the district wherein such officer is authorized to perform
official duties, before (a) a judge or clerk of any court of record; (b)
a commissioner of deeds outside of the city of New York, or a
commissioner of deeds of the city of New York within the five counties
comprising the city of New York; (c) the mayor or recorder of a city;
(d) a surrogate, special surrogate, or special county judge; or (e) the
county clerk or other recording officer of a county.

3. Before a justice of the peace, town council member, village police
justice or a judge of any court of inferior local jurisdiction, anywhere
within the county containing the town, village or city in which they are
authorized to perform official duties.