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Recording books
Real Property (RPP) CHAPTER 50, ARTICLE 9
§ 315. Recording books. Different sets of books must be provided by
the recording officer of each county, for the recording of deeds and
mortgages; in one of which sets he must record all conveyances and other
instruments absolute in their terms, which are not intended as mortgages
or securities in the nature of mortgages, and all executory contracts
for the sale, purchase or exchange of real property, or memoranda
thereof, and all instruments canceling or extending such contracts,
which conveyances, contracts or instruments are delivered to him,
pursuant to law, to be so recorded, and all forms pertaining to
commitments of land to continued agricultural production required to be
so recorded pursuant to section three hundred six of the agriculture and
markets law; and in the other set, such mortgages and securities, and
assignments of rent, delivered to him; excepting that if the recording
is by microphotography or other photographic process, the recording
officer shall not be required to maintain books for such records, but
shall provide such filing equipment as he may deem appropriate. The
recording officer may, in his discretion, record in consecutive order
the instruments received by him, and shall not be required to segregate
mortgages from deeds or other classes of instruments.