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Notice of petition and of pendency of proceeding
Real Property (RPP) CHAPTER 50, ARTICLE 12
§ 382. Notice of petition and of pendency of proceeding. At the time
when the petition for registration of the title of any property is
filed, the petitioner shall also cause to be filed a notice thereof in
the offices of the county clerk and of the registrar of each county
where the property is situated, which notice shall be made and filed in
the manner prescribed for a notice of pendency of a civil action, and
shall be indexed against the names of the petitioner and all known
adverse parties or claimants except the owners of abutting properties,
and shall constitute notice of the pendency of the petition and of the
proceeding, and shall be governed in all respects by the same rules as a
notice of pendency of a civil action, except, that, if the petition be
dismissed, or the proceeding discontinued, or in any way terminated
other than by the registration of the title, no order for the
cancellation of such notice shall be made by the court until it is duly
and fully proved to the court that the provisions of section four
hundred and ten of this chapter have been fully complied with and
performed. The notice of pendency of proceeding filed with the
registrar, as provided in this section shall also be noted on the
"tickler certificate book" as a petition and said notice shall be
treated as, and take the place of the petition in all cases in which
this act requires the registrar to deal with the petition, and shall be
given a petition number, beginning with number one for the first
petition filed and so on in numerical order, and also a serial number.
In any place, however, where there is a block or lot system of indexing
in use, the said notice shall be indexed according to such system.