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Registering Title to Real Property
Real Property (RPP) CHAPTER 50

Section 370. Petition to register title to real property.

371. Petitions and proceedings to be in supreme court; title

part of special term.

372. County clerks and registers to be registrars of title.

373. Registrar's bond.

374. Deputy registrars' powers and duties.

375. Compensation of registrars and deputy registrars,

official examiners of title, and registration clerks.

376. Disposition of fees received by registrar.

377. Official examiners of title.

378. What owners may apply; what titles may be registered.

379. Contents of petition for registration; other papers to be


380. Official examiner's report of title; other evidences of


381. Survey, map or plan to be filed.

382. Notice of petition and of pendency of proceeding.

385. Proceedings upon the petition; notice of hearing.

386. Form of notice to parties.

388. Guardian ad litem.

389. Any person interested may appear and defend.

390. Title in lands vested; clouds thereon removed.

391. Final orders conclusive; to be entered and docketed as a


392. Fraud; action to set aside or appeal from the final order

or judgment of registration or to recover the property.

393. Registration of title.

394. Certificate of title.

395. Title book.

396. Duplicate certificate of title.

398. Certificate to include dealings pending registration.

399. Certificate of title as evidence.

400. Rights of owners of registered property; exceptions;

incumbrances and transfers to be filed.

401. Registered property not affected by prescription or

adverse possession.

402. Fraud; notice only by registration.

403. Memorial to be carried forward.

404. Registered property to remain registered.

404-a. Withdrawal from registration in certain instances.

405. Registered property subject to same rights and burdens as

unregistered property.

406. Transfers of registered property.

407. Certificate as to part of property remaining after


409. Filing, entering and indexing papers pursuant to this

act; tickler certificate.

409-a. Entries in other indexes.

410. Notice of filed papers.

411. Addresses of interested parties; notice.

412. When a transfer is deemed to be registered.

413. New certificates of title.

414. Loss of duplicate certificate.

415. Mortgages, leases and other liens and charges; may be


416. Proceedings to register mortgage, lease or other lien or


417. Judgments, decrees, attachments and other liens to be

noted on certificate.

418. Assignment of mortgage, lease, or other lien or charge.

419. Release, discharge or surrender of charge or incumbrance.

420. Enforcement of mortgages, charges, liens and


421. Powers of attorney to be filed and registered.

422. Reference of doubtful matters to the court.

423. Death of owner of registered property; transfer of


423-a. Form for transfer of property upon death of owner of

registered property.

426. Assurance fund.

427. Compensation from assurance fund.

428. Action against assurance fund.

429. Restrictions on claims against assurance fund.

430. Penalties for fraudulent acts or false certificates.

431. Forgery and fraudulent stamping; penalty.

432. Fees to be charged.

433. Construction of article.

434. Form for official examiner's report of title.

435. Form for certificate of title.

436. Termination of title registration procedures.