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Certificate of title as evidence
Real Property (RPP) CHAPTER 50, ARTICLE 12
§ 399. Certificate of title as evidence. The certificate of title, and
any copy thereof duly certified under the hand and seal of the registrar
and the owner's duplicate certificate, until the expiration of the time
herein limited to bring an action or proceeding to set aside the final
order or judgment of registration shall be received as evidence in all
the courts of the state, and in all courts and places shall be prima
facie evidence that the provisions of law up to the time of issue of
such certificate or duplicate, or of the time of entry of the last
memorial thereon, have been complied with, and that such certificate of
title has been issued in compliance with a valid final order or
judgment, and that the title to the property is as therein stated; and
after the expiration of such time limited for bringing said proceedings
to set aside said final order or judgment, such certificate or copy, up
to the time of its issue, shall be so received as evidence in all courts
of the state, and shall be conclusive evidence of the same facts. Every
memorial or notation or cancellation thereof made on any certificate or
duplicate or copy thereof shall be signed by the registrar or his deputy
or his duly authorized deputy or clerk.