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Certificate of title
Real Property (RPP) CHAPTER 50, ARTICLE 12
§ 394. Certificate of title. The registrar shall make, in the form
prescribed by section four hundred and thirty-five of this chapter, an
original certificate of title of every title, right or interest
registered by him pursuant to this article. Said certificate shall bear
the date of its issue (the day and year), and be under the hand and
official seal of the registrar, and be numbered in the order of its
issue. If the owner is a minor, it shall state his age; if he is under
any other disability, it shall state the nature of such disability. The
registrar shall make proper memorials or notations on the certificate,
showing in such manner as to set forth and preserve their priorities,
the particulars of all the estates, mortgages, trusts, liens and
charges, to which such owner's title is subject. No such memorial or
notation shall be more than one folio (one hundred words), in length;
but it may refer to covenants, restrictions, trusts and forms recorded
in the "book of covenants, restrictions, trusts and forms" provided for
by this article. The form of the first certificate of title, as set
forth in section four hundred and thirty-five of this article, shall be
subject to such changes as may be required in any case. All subsequent
certificates shall be in like form, except that in place of the words
"first certificate," et cetera, shall be the words "transfer from number
.........." (the number of the next previous certificate); also the words
"first registered .........." (date of first registration). On the back
or reverse side of every certificate shall be printed, in plain legible
type, the whole of section four hundred of this chapter.