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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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General Provisions
Real Property Tax (RPT) CHAPTER 50-A, ARTICLE 5

Section 500. Ascertainment of facts for assessment.

501. Examination of assessment inventory and valuation data.

502. Form of assessment roll.

503. Tax maps.

504. Preparation of assessment roll.

505. Verification of tentative assessment roll.

506. Tentative assessment roll; notice of completion.

508. Information to be supplied to non-residents.

510. Notice of increased assessments in towns, cities and

certain counties.

510-a. Notice to property owners of changes in the taxable

status of their property.

511. Assessment disclosure; notice and meetings.

512. Hearing of complaints.

514. Verification of final assessment roll.

516. Filing of final assessment roll; notice of completion.

518. Change in tax billing address.

520. Assessment and taxation of exempt property upon transfer

of title.