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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Accommodation of connecting roads
Railroad (RRD) CHAPTER 49, ARTICLE 3
§ 55. Accommodation of connecting roads. Every railroad corporation
whose road, at or near the same place, connects with or is intersected
by two or more railroads competing for its business, shall fairly and
impartially afford to each of such connecting or intersecting roads
equal terms of accommodation, privileges and facilities in the
transportation of cars, passengers, baggage and freight over and upon
its roads and over and upon their roads, and equal facilities in the
interchange and use of passenger, baggage, freight and other cars
required to accommodate the business of each road, and in furnishing
passage tickets to passengers who may desire to make a continuous trip
over any part of its roads and either of such connecting roads. The
commissioner of transportation may, upon application of the corporation
owning or operating either of the connecting or intersecting roads, and
upon fourteen days' notice to the corporation owning or operating the
other road, prescribe such regulations as will secure, in its judgment,
the enjoyment of equal privileges, accommodations and facilities to such
connecting or intersecting roads as may be required to accommodate the
business of each road, and the terms and conditions upon which the same
shall be afforded to each road. The decision of the commissioner of
transportation shall be binding on the parties for two years, and the
supreme court shall have power to compel the performance thereof in an
action or special proceeding, by injunction or otherwise.