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Construction, Operation and Management
Railroad (RRD) CHAPTER 49

Section 50. Liability of corporation to employees of contractor.

51. Weight of rail.

51-a. Clearances.

52. Fences, farm crossings and cattle-guards.

52-a. Fences along road operated by electric third rail.

52-b. Fences along right of way.

52-c. Fences in Queens county.

52-d. Debris to be cleared.

52-e. Penalties for littering.

53. Sign boards, flagmen and gates at crossings.

53-a. Warning signs.

53-b. Ringing bells and blowing whistles at crossings.

53-c. Obstructing farm and highway crossings.

53-d. Unlawful propulsion of a missile at railroad trains.

53-e. Unlawful interference with a railroad train.

53-f. Joint inspection of traffic-control signals interconnected

with highway-rail at-grade crossing warning systems.

54. Notice of starting trains; no preferences.

54-a. Communication.

55. Accommodation of connecting roads.

56. Locomotives must stop at grade crossings.

57. Rates of fare.


58. Excess charge when fare paid on cars.

59. Penalty for excessive fare.

60. Issue and use of mileage books.

61. Passenger refusing to pay fare may be ejected.

61-a. Sounding of certain signals on railroad cars by

unauthorized persons.

62. Sleeping and parlor cars.

63. Persons employed as drivers, conductors, motor men or


63-a. Minimum crew size.

64. Injuries to employees.

65. Conductors and employees must wear badges.

66. Checks for baggage.

67. Penalties for injuries to baggage.

68. Unclaimed freight and baggage.

69. Minimum standards for track inspection and maintenance.

70. Rights and liabilities as common carriers.

71. Duties imposed.

71-a. Reflective whistle signs.

72. Inspection of locomotives.

73. Inspectors of locomotives.

74. Care of steam locomotives; steam and water cocks; penalty.

75. commissioner of transportation may approve other


76. Use of stoves or furnaces prohibited; exceptions.

76-a. Motor cars and equipment.

76-b. Equipment required on motor vehicles transporting railroad

employees; penalty.

77. Equipment of engines.

77-a. First-aid equipment on locomotives.

77-b. Speedometers on certain locomotives.

77-c. Sanitary conditions.

78. Coal jimmies and caboose cars.

78-a. Electric or battery-powered markers.

79. Air-brakes.

80. Couplers.

81. Violation of sections seventy-seven, seventy-seven-c,

seventy-eight, seventy-nine, and eighty.

82. Canada thistles to be cut.

83. Riding on platform; walking along track.

83-a. Operation of motor vehicles, snowmobiles, recreational

vehicles, and riding of animals on railroad property.

83-b. Trespass upon railroad premises.

84. Corporations may establish ferries.

85. Certain railroads may cease operation in winter.

86. Certain railroads need not be operated beyond June, July,

August and September.

87. Mails.

88. When railroads may designate police officers.

89. New railroads across streets.

90. New streets across railroads.

91. Alteration or rehabilitation of existing crossing.

92. Acquisition of land, right or easement in crossing.

93. Repair of bridges and subways at crossings.

93-a. Maintenance and removal of highway-railroad crossing at


93-b. Maintenance and removal of highway-railroad separation


94. Performance of work; division of expenses; accounting;

claims for damages; valuation.

95. Proceedings by commissioner of transportation for

alteration of existing crossings.

96. Proceedings to enforce orders of commissioner of


97. Intercity rail passenger service.

97-a. Commuter rail service.

98. Intersection of railroads.

99. Application of foregoing section.

100. Temporary leave granted by court to a street surface

railroad; bond.

101. Consent of commissioner of transportation in certain


102. Ventilation of tunnels.

103. Lighting of tunnels.

104. Compliance with orders of commissioner of transportation.

105. Enforcement.

106. Penalty for violation.

107. Judgment-roll.

108. Approval of appliances in cities having a population of

one million inhabitants or over.