1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Railroad
  4. Article 3: Construction, Operation and Management

Section 66 Checks for baggage

Railroad (RRD)

A check, made of some proper substance of convenient size and form, plainly stamped with numbers, and furnished with a convenient strap or other appendage for attaching to baggage, shall be affixed to every piece or parcel of baggage when taken for transportation for a passenger by the agent or employee of such corporation, if there is a handle, loop or fixture therefor upon the piece or parcel of baggage, and a duplicate thereof given to the passenger or person delivering the same to him. If such check be refused on demand the corporation shall pay to the passenger the sum of ten dollars, and no fare shall be collected or received from him; and if he shall have paid his fare it shall be refunded to him by the conductor in charge of the train. Such baggage shall be delivered, without unnecessary delay, to the passenger or any person acting in his behalf, at the place to which it was to be transported, where the cars usually stop, or at any other regular intermediate stopping place upon notice to the baggage-master in charge of baggage on the train of not less than thirty minutes, upon presentation of such duplicate check to the officer or agent of the railroad corporation, or of any corporation, over any portion of whose road it was transported. Bicycles are hereby declared to be and be deemed baggage for the purposes of this article and shall be transported as baggage for passengers by railroad corporations and subject to the same liabilities, and no such passenger shall be required to crate, cover or otherwise protect any such bicycle; provided, however, that a railroad corporation shall not be required to transport, under the provisions of this section, more than one bicycle for a single person.