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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Trespass upon railroad premises
Railroad (RRD) CHAPTER 49, ARTICLE 3
§ 83-b. Trespass upon railroad premises. 1. Any city with a population
of one million or more and the counties of Monroe, Nassau, and Suffolk
are authorized and empowered to adopt or amend a local law or ordinance
designating any portion or portions of property consisting of a
right-of-way or yard of a railroad or rapid transit railroad as a
no-trespass railroad zone and providing for the conspicuous posting
thereof for purposes of establishing criminal liability for trespass
upon such property pursuant to subdivision (g) of section 140.10 of the
penal law.

2. The provisions of sections eighty-three and eighty-three-a of this
article shall not be construed to prohibit or limit the prosecution of
any person for a violation of the provisions of subdivision (g) of
section 140.10 of the penal law.