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Duties of the corporation counsel
Second Class Cities (SCC) CHAPTER 53, ARTICLE 13
§ 201. Duties of the corporation counsel. The corporation counsel
shall be and act as the legal adviser of the common council and of the
several officers, boards and departments of the city. He shall appear
for and protect the rights and interests of the city in all actions,
suits and proceedings brought by or against it or any city officer,
board or department, including the commissioner of charities in bastardy
proceedings; and such officer, board or department shall not employ
other counsel. The corporation counsel may, however, with the written
consent of the mayor, employ counsel, at such compensation as may be
approved by the board of estimate and apportionment, to assist him in
the argument and conduct of important cases or proceedings in which the
city or any officer, board or department thereof is interested or a