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Order to be executed and report made 1
Surrogate's Court Procedure Act (SCP) CHAPTER 59-A, ARTICLE 19
§ 1911. Order to be executed and report made

1. The fiduciary shall thereupon execute the order, subject to the
approval of the court, and make a report of his proceedings thereunder.

2. The court may confirm or reject the disposition, extend the order
to other parcels or require a re-execution of the order upon such terms
and on such conditions as it may direct and it may relieve a purchaser
from his purchase or compel specific performance of the agreement by
both the purchaser or the fiduciary in any case where such relief might
be granted by the supreme court, on such terms as justice shall require.

3. If the contract for the disposition of the property was annexed to
the petition and approved by the order, the fiduciary may execute a deed
without further order and no confirmation of the sale is required.

4. No decree of distribution or payment of the proceeds of the
disposition shall be made in a proceeding commenced within 3 months from
the grant of letters until the time for the presentation of claims as
fixed by a published notice has expired or 7 months have expired since
letters were issued to the original fiduciary and until all known
creditors and persons interested who are not parties to the proceeding
have been brought in or have appeared.