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Disposition of Real Property
Surrogate's Court Procedure Act (SCP) CHAPTER 59-A


1901. Real property subject to disposition; "disposition" and

"fiduciary" defined.

1902. For what purposes real property is subject to disposition.

1903. Limitations.

1904. Petition and process.

1905. When disposition may be refused or delayed.

1906. Trial and determination of debts, claims and expenses; statute

of limitations.

1907. Order determining disposition of real property.

1908. Order in which parcels shall be sold.

1909. Rights of the parties to be determined; unknowns.

1910. Bond of fiduciary.

1911. Order to be executed and report made.

1912. Effect of death of fiduciary.

1913. Conclusiveness of mortgage, lease, conveyance or release

executed pursuant to order.

1914. Execution of the order; decree of judicial settlement.

1915. Allowance on bid to spouse, beneficiary or creditor purchasing.

1916. Provision for payment of undetermined claims and debts not yet


1917. Effect of conveyance of decedent's interest under contract.

1918. Right of life tenant to be considered in disposition;

distribution of moneys realized.

1919. Restitution from assets subsequently discovered.

1920. Disposition of surplus in action to enforce mortgage or other


1921. Conveyance of real property by fiduciary to vendee of contract

of sale made by decedent.

1922. Conclusive presumption after 10 years.

1923. Fiduciary of a decedent to notify local assessor of disposition