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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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General Provisions Relating to Letters
Surrogate's Court Procedure Act (SCP) CHAPTER 59-A



701. Requisites of letters.

702. Limited and restrictive letters.

703. Letters evidence of authority; effect of appeal.

704. Priority among different letters.

705. Time, how reckoned upon successive letters.

706. When surviving or remaining fiduciary may act; when successor

must be appointed.

707. Eligibility to receive letters.

708. Qualification of fiduciaries.

709. Objection to grant of letters or appointment of lifetime


710. Objections which require bond from fiduciary not otherwise

required to file bond.

711. Suspension, modification or revocation of letters or removal

for disqualification or misconduct.

712. Petition; process thereupon; suspension.

713. Hearing; decree.

714. Certain orders or decrees of other courts to be filed in the

surrogate's court.

715. Application by fiduciary for permission to resign.

716. Proceedings thereupon.

717. Suspension of powers of fiduciaries in war service.

718. Nominated fiduciaries in war service.

719. In what cases letters may be suspended, modified or revoked, or

a lifetime trustee removed or his powers suspended or

modified, without process.

720. Effect and contents of decree suspending, modifying or revoking

letters or removing a lifetime trustee or suspending or

modifying his powers.

721. Preceding section qualified.

722. Deposit of securities may be ordered on revocation of letters

or removal.

723. Copy of letters issued to chief fiscal officer of county to be

transmitted to comptroller.

724. Inapplicability to lifetime trustees.

725. Rules relating to estate valuation after letters.