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Case management
Social Services (SOS) CHAPTER 55, ARTICLE 6, TITLE 4-B
§ 409-j. Case management. 1. As used in this title, "case management"
shall refer to a method of providing necessary prevention and support
services, directly or by purchase of services, to recipients of public
assistance and shall require the facilitating of such services for the
purpose of insuring family stability and assistance in achieving the
greatest degree of economic independence.

2. Appropriate local social services staff shall be designated as
responsible on a case by case basis, for the assessment of services
needed by the adolescent or teenage recipient to achieve defined service
goals, and for the planning and referral of services and follow-up
activities, including the monitoring and evaluation of services
provided. Designated case management staff shall be responsible for
performing such activities for a specified period prescribed pursuant to
department regulations dependent on such factors as age, education and
job skills attainment of the individual, household size and stability of
the family unit.

3. When referrals to services are provided under other state-funded
programs or are directly purchased by the social services district, the
district may request that the provider obtain and transmit to the
district the information necessary to perform the case management

4. The provisions of this title shall apply to those cases involving
pregnant adolescents and teen parents in receipt of public assistance,
including any males and females under eighteen years of age who are
designated payees of their own cases, payees of their children's cases
or those public assistance recipients under eighteen years of age
identified pursuant to rules and regulations as at-risk youth needing
prevention services, where appropriate. At local option, case management
services may be provided to those cases headed by persons eighteen years
of age or older but under twenty-one years of age.

5. In the event that an adolescent or teenage recipient refuses to
accept services identified by social services district staff as needed
by the adolescent or teenager, such refusal shall not carry any threat
of fiscal sanctions.

6. Case records developed by social services districts and other
agencies for persons eligible for or receiving services pursuant to the
provisions of this section shall be confidential and maintained in
accordance with the provisions of section one hundred thirty-six of this
chapter and the regulations of the department.