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Case plan and service record
Social Services (SOS) CHAPTER 55, ARTICLE 6, TITLE 4-B
§ 409-k. Case plan and service record. 1. With respect to each
individual who is identified as requiring case management services
pursuant to this title, the social services district shall, within
thirty days of such identification, perform or have performed an initial
joint assessment with the individual, and other persons where
appropriate, for the purpose of identifying those problems that have an
impact on family stability and hinder the potential for economic
independence. A social services district shall prior to implementing the
provisions of this title submit a plan for a service case management
system to the commissioner for approval.

2. Upon completion of the assessment provided in subdivision one of
this section, the social services district shall, in consultation with
the individual, establish and maintain or have established and
maintained a case plan and service record prescribed pursuant to
regulations of the department which shall include at least the

(a) identification of short term and long range goals which will
ameliorate the problems indicated in subdivision one of this section.
Such identification shall also include an estimate of the time period
necessary to meet these goals;

(b) identification of services needed by the client, and a description
of the available resources in the community to meet identified needs; if
services are not available the record should reflect such;

(c) documentation of the arrangements made for the referral of the
client to service providers;

(d) listing of all services rendered, both direct and those provided
by other public and private agencies in the community;

(e) follow-up action taken to assure clients are in receipt of
services, and any actions taken to remove any existing barriers which
impede the maximum efficiency of service delivery; and

(f) recordation of the types, cost and auspices of services provided.

3. The case plan and service record shall be reviewed and may be
revised, in consultation with the individual, at least once every six
months after the plan and record have been prepared. Such review shall
include an evaluation of the effectiveness of services rendered and any
necessary revisions in goals or planned services as they meet the
objectives indicated in paragraph (a) of subdivision two of this

4. The case plan and service record shall include information for the
purpose of obtaining information regarding services rendered and the
cost of such services based on assessed values or the value of services
rendered, where no fees are charged as in other publicly financed
programs together with such other information as may be required by
rules and regulations of the department.

5. The department is authorized and directed to make such rules and
regulations as are necessary to carry out the provisions of this title.