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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Records and reports; confidentiality; information
Social Services (SOS) CHAPTER 55, ARTICLE 7, TITLE 1
§ 460-e. Records and reports; confidentiality; information. 1. The
department shall require, collect and maintain such information, records
or reports as it may determine to be necessary to further the purpose of
this article. Organizations and institutions subject to the inspection
and supervision of the department shall provide such information and
records in such form and at such times as the department shall

2. The department may request from any other state department or state
or local agency, including the department of mental hygiene, the
division for youth and the board of social welfare, and such other
department or agency shall furnish, such information as the department
may require for the proper performance of its duties under this article.
The department shall safeguard the confidentiality of information
received from such departments and agencies. Such other state
departments or state agencies may request from the department, and the
department shall furnish, such information as such other department or
agency may require for the proper discharge of its duties. Such
departments and agencies shall safeguard the confidentiality of such
information, records, and reports in the same manner as the department
in accordance with the provisions of sections one hundred thirty-six,
four hundred forty-four and four hundred sixty-one-e of this chapter or
as otherwise authorized by law.

3. Officers or employees of the department shall maintain the
confidentiality of facts and information obtained as the result of any
inspection or investigation of a facility subject to inspection and
supervision under this article, in the same manner as information
received under subdivision two of this section.

4. All officers of facilities or agencies subject to the inspection of
the department shall furnish to the department, on forms provided by the
department, such information and statistics as it may require, within
sixty days from the expiration of the state fiscal year or such other
fiscal period as may be designated by the department.