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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Departmental statements
State Finance (STF) CHAPTER 56, ARTICLE 2
§ 14. Departmental statements. In addition to the annual department
reports prescribed by law, the head of each department of the state, on
or before the fifteenth day of October in each year, shall submit to the
governor a statement of the sources, amounts and disposition of all
money received by such department, its divisions, bureaus or officers
for the preceding fiscal year other than money appropriated for such
department by the legislature or money that was paid by such department
into the treasury. Such statement shall include a description of the
nature and the amount of each fund, if any, then under the supervision
or control of such department or the head thereof or under the
supervision or control of any division, bureau, commission, board or
other organization therein or under the supervision or control of the
head or any other officer of such division, bureau, commission, board or
organization, which was derived from any source whether or not deposited
in the treasury, a citation of the statute authorizing the creation or
establishment of each such fund and the nature and amount of any
payments made therefrom during the preceding fiscal year. The director
of the budget in the executive department shall make rules, which shall
be approved by the governor, regulating the form and contents of such
statements. Copies of such statements shall be simultaneously furnished
to the senate finance committee and the assembly ways and means
committee for their information.

The governor, in such form and with such explanation as the governor
may desire, shall transmit to the legislature, with the annual budget, a
recapitulation or summary of the information contained in such
statements arranged under appropriate headings for each department. The
provisions of this section shall not apply to any funds received by the
superintendent of financial services in a fiduciary capacity or to the
state teachers' retirement fund, or any state employees' retirement and
pension fund, but such exemption from the application of this section
shall not affect any other provision of law requiring a report or
statement of such funds.