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This entry was published on 2023-01-06
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General Fiscal Provisions
State Finance (STF) CHAPTER 56

Section 2. Definitions.

2-a. Additional definitions.

3. Fiscal year.

4. Payments, transfers and deposits.

4-a. Electronic value transfer program.

5. Deferred compensation.

7. Duties of department of taxation and finance.

8. Duties of the comptroller.

8-a. Deviations from generally accepted accounting principles.

8-b. Additional duties of the comptroller.

8-c. Enterprise fraud prevention and detection system.

9. Subpoenas; oaths.

10. Compromise of old judgments and debts.

11. Gifts, devises and bequests.

12. Annual reports to legislature by institutions entitled to

receive money from state.

13. Board of visitors.

14. Departmental statements.

14-a. Tax audit reporting system.

14-b. Capital projects and maintenance statements.

15. Fees to be charged for certain documents.

16. Rate of interest on judgments and accrued claims against

the state.

17 Reports on financed equipment acquisitions.

18. Interest and collection fees assessed on debts owed to the


19. Returned check charge.

19-a. Parking facilities; support for electric vehicle charging